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X, Y, Z Fire Hose

X, Y, Z Fire Hose

  • $ 10.00

Item # Letter
FF4 Letter X
FF5 Letter Y
FF6 Letter Z

The letter toys are designed so you can play with your dog and teach them to fetch a specific letter. Soon they will be able to spell their name!

  • Hand made in Colorado.
  • Tough and durable, bright and cool US made fire hose.
  • No stuffing.
  • There is one squeaker in each section.
  • The Y handle is just like the big tug handle. 16" long and made from strong webbing with a good grip.
  • Each toy measures about 9" tip to tip on each toy.
  • Each one comes in 4 fabulous colours with the Katie's Bumpers signature checkerboard webbing and superb construction.
  • Great fetch and retrieve and tug toys. They will last for years as long as you use them as a fetch or tug toy.
  • Remember, these are not chew toys and will not hold up if used as a chew toy.

All Katie's Bumpers are intended as interactive play toys. They are not intended as chew toys. Best if used outdoors or on washable surfaces.