GURU Rock 'N Treat



Perfect for both slowing down a speedy eater or extending treat time through challenging play, The Rock N’ Treat is the (and quiet) solution! This tube-shaped toy holds more than one cup of kibble, which is loaded by unscrewing the overmolded cap. As dogs play, an internal protected weighted base causes the Rock N’ Treat to rock back and forth and side to side, dispensing kibble finally reaching - and rewarding - the dog. The erratic motions of the toy keeps dogs engaged while stimulating foraging and hunting instincts.

Made with Chew Pro™, GURU’s ultra-durable, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber formulated specifically for tough chew sessions, yet soft on the floor to keep noise levels to a minimum. This toy is also top-shelf dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

MSRP = $13.99

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