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Spunky Pup Flash & Glow Ball


Spunky Pup

For those nighttime games of fetch, your dog will love Flash & Glow, The Flashing Dog Ball that Glows in the Dark. Flash & Glow glows in the dark once exposed to light. But the real fun starts when you or your dog gives it a shake! Watch the light show as bright LED lights flash for 25 seconds to make this toy easy to find and fetch, even on the darkest nights. Spunky Pup designed the hard plastic exterior and internal components to stand up to whatever doggy playtime can dish out. It’s tough, easy to clean, non-toxic, waterproof and even floats. Flash & Glow is the best glowing, flashing, tail-wagging fun you and your dog can have. Available in fun assorted neon colors. Also see our soft Fetch & Glow and Fetch & Glow Jr.


– Motion Activated LED Flashers
– Glows in the Dark
– Indoor or Outdoor Play
– Durable, Safe and Fun

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