Ducky World Yeowww! La CAT-rina

Ducky World Yeowww! La CAT-rina


Ducky World

Based on the design of calaveras, the decorative skulls emblematic of Día de los Muertos, La CAT-rina is an elegant and colorful feast for kitty’s senses. The face is covered with our durable cotton twill, perfect for withstanding celebratory shenanigans involving teeth and claws. Meanwhile, the back is fuzzy and soft, providing kitty with a place to rest her head when playtime is over.

At more than 5" tall and 4" wide and packed with more than 1.5 ounces of our very own organically grown catnip, La CAT-rina is big enough to satisfy the cravings of any feline friend.

QTY per Case = 12 

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