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Comfort Kiddos


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Item # Character
X-Small Small Large
RLC31 RLC11 Bear
RLC32 Chick
RLC53 RLC33 RLC13 Elephant
RLC54 RLC34 RLC14 Lion
RLC35 RLC15 Pig

KONG Comfort Kiddos are ideal for doggie play and cuddle time. Featuring a low tone bellow squeaker that pique a dog's curiosity and a removable squeaker for quiet time. The squeaker is easy to remove, making it ideal for cuddle time, insert back into the toy for countless indoor play sessions. These adorable critters come in 5 shapes and 2 sizes and are sure to delight dogs and pet parents alike.

  • Removable squeaker for quiet time
  • Inviting cute and cuddly plush
  • Playful squeaker to entice play

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