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Item # Size
CLP-001 Trial Tin, 2 Large + 2 Kitten
CLP-002 Supply Pack, 3 Trial Tins
CLP-003 Refill, 10 Large + 10 Kitten
CLP-004 Bulk, 20 Large
CLP-005 Bulk, 20 Kitten
CLP-006 Bulk, 50 Large
CLP-007 Bulk, 50 Kitten

The Clipnosis® Gentle Calming Clip evokes a tranquil behavior when clips are applied to a cat’s scruff.

Baby animals, including kittens, become limp when their mothers pick them up by the neck in their jaws to move them. This is called the "scruff response." Veterinarians and other pet care professionals use this response to their advantage when they grasp the skin on the back of a cat’s neck (an area called the “scruff”) with their hands, producing the same response seen when mother cats grasp their kittens.

Clipnosis® provides a safe and effective alternative to scruffing and harsh restraint methods and allows you to have both hands free for exams, minor procedures like vaccinations, and grooming tasks like nail clipping.

  • Clipnosis causes a relaxing effect on cats
  • If a cat responds to scruffing, they will likely respond to Clipnosis®, 92% of cats respond positively
  • Easy to use, clips on in seconds
  • Clipped cats seem content and less fearful or stressed during healthcare & grooming procedures
  • Most cats become more relaxed and tolerant with repeated experience
  • For the best results, clipping should be done before beginning any procedures



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