NEW!! KB Frequent Flyer Floater


Katie's Bumpers

The FREQUENT FLYER FLOATER from Katie's Bumpers is MADE FROM 100% USA-MADE VIRGIN FIRE HOSE MATERIAL and is stuffed with batting that is made from 75% recycled plastic that allows the toy to float.
This frisbee-like toy is the ultimate fetch toy for you and your pup to have fun in the outdoors. Toss it like a disk or skip it on the water for your dog to fetch. The thick design allows it to be visible while it floats on the water surface of just sits on the top of the grass, and makes it easy for your dog to bite down on when fetching. Squeeze it before tossing to get your pup excited with the sound of the squeaker.

Great for outdoor fun on land, water, or snow!

Squeaker inside for added engagement!

Color dyes are safe and non-toxic. The toy can be washed with regular soap and water.


Circle Diameter
8 inches

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